State of Sara – 10/1

Due to some unforeseen circumstances in my personal life, I am, unfortunately, going to step away from publishing books, at least with the frequency that I have been. At this point, I don’t know for how long. The answer to that question is difficult, and I wish I had a more solid answer to offer readers, but I don’t. I would love to say that I still plan to put out at least one book a year, but I can’t guarantee that promise. At this point, it is what I’m hoping for – but again, can’t make any guarantees.

This is an entirely personal decision, based on things that have unfolded in my life recently that I have no control over.(i.e this has nothing to do with writing/sales/publishing/publishers/etc). I love writing. I love publishing. I love putting stories out that others can connect with on some level, whether they love or hate the stories I have to share. I love talking to readers, in person or on social media (though I’m as shy as they come, and you usually have to poke on me a few times to get me going).

This decision hasn’t come easily, or without a heavy heart. I have series to add to/finish, and new ones percolating. My brain will always want to WRITE. ALL. THE. THINGS. I will continue to scribble away madly in my notebooks and scrap pieces of paper, because I always have no matter what was going on in my life since my teen years, but for now, it may be less “madly” as my focus is going to be elsewhere.

I am fine, my health is as well. (Actually probably even more so than it has been in recent years thanks to a change in eating habits – still love my coffee though and I’m not giving that up – and regular exercise – kickboxing anyone?) My family is all fine, and their health is as well.

My husband and my daughter continue to always be a top priority for me. 2015 has been a … difficult year on the personal front. We thought the year had doled up all that it possibly could, however, nope, that was not the case as we discovered this week.

There are a few straggling items, either already finished, on submission or waiting on rights reversion, out there that will still get taken care of, so you may see one or two things still pop up from me between now and the end of the year.

New(ish) Release – Shift of Command

Bring on the release of Shift of Command. I say new(ish) because this book was previously published as Lethal Beauty back in 2012. I’ve given it a scrub,¬†changed up a few details, and lowered the price, of course! $1.99 at all these fine etailers:

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socFINALAMZFullResAs a covert operative, Sway Waybourne is used to fending for herself. But a powerful uprising means she is now responsible for guarding the leader of a neighboring planet. Within seconds of meeting Dason Cavaletti, sparks fly and Sway realizes she’s gotten more than she bargained for.

Dason is curious about the arousal taking over his mind, body, and soul. When he can no longer stand the overwhelming desire, he confronts Sway. But the disturbing news she delivers isn’t at all what he expected.

Mating with the gorgeous woman could kill him….

WARNING: Sarcasm galore from a fiery heroine who can take care of herself thank-you-very-much. She won’t take anyone’s guff–even from the leader of the free universe no matter how handsome he is. A unique genetic quirk leads to inventive foreplay, one blazing hot hands-on session in the bathtub and a gender bending encounter that signals this ain’t your father’s Star Trek. No redshirts were harmed while writing this novel.

* Previously published in 2012 under a different title, and has been revised.