Edge of Need Cover & Blurb Reveal

I sent edits back to my editor last night for Edge of Need, the next release of the Body Masters series, so getting a release date is one day closer. I thought I would share the cover art & blurb for this baby. I’d already posted the cover art, but it’s been a while, so let’s all play pretend, mmkay? *g*

edgeofneed_msrSidelined by a devastating dance injury, Sutton yearns to return to the spotlight. Restless and unfulfilled, she searches for someone who will command her, pleasure her and push her to the limits of her darkest desires. Within seconds of meeting a Dungeon Monitor at Atlanta’s provocative BDSM club Second Circle, she is captivated by the rough edge of dominance he possesses.

Adam lives and breathes the main stage, unleashing his wilder side to deliver extreme and uncompromising demonstrations. But when he finds himself without a submissive, Sutton offers herself to his service. One night under Adam’s sensual command and Sutton knows she’s found a Master who understands the ecstasy she craves.

Their scenes are white-hot and together they discover a fervent need that is not easily sated. Soon they are fighting a love they never expected, surrendering emotionally to fill the aching void in both their hearts. When Sutton is free to return to the dance stage she calls home, Adam knows he’ll have to convince her to accept life as his cherished submissive, collared and kept forever.

New Series!

I turned in Glad You Came, the fourth (and last) book of the Geek Kink series this past weekend. While I’ve toyed around with the idea of spinning off from the series, it probably won’t be for a little while I turn my focus to a new project!

Namely, the contemporary BDSM erotic romance (tentatively titled) series Sinners & Saints and the kick-off book, Riding Irish. The books are set in Hawaii and follow a group of friends who share a few common interests, other than being Irish, of course. *g* These men are enthusiastic about their sex and their motorcycles. For them, its the love of the ride. ;) While there are MCs (motorcycle clubs) in the vein of Sons of Anarchy and the like present in the stories, I don’t classify them as MC books.

Riding Irish will release from Loose Id in early June.

As edits on Edge of Need, the next Body Masters series book, draw to a close, there are some workings going on behind the scenes for that series. Stay tuned and I’ll hopefully be able to share the news soon!!