Fighting for Honor, Okanogan Valley Pride, Book 1 ~ Kacey Hammell

Fighting for Honor
Okanogan Valley Pride, Book 1
Kacey Hammell
Paranormal / Erotic /Romance / Shifters
ISBN: 978-1-77233-468-5
Length: 11.6k / 40 pages
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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There’s only one rightful Alpha, and he’s back to claim his pride and his mate…

As the rightful Alpha of a unique pride of panthers, originally founded by his father, Dominic Stone followed his inherent solitary path to find peace and grieve the untimely demise of his dad. Five years later, he returns home ready to take his place, settle old debts and claim the one woman he’s always wanted as his.

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Fighting for Honor may be a first for Kacey Hammell in a new genre, but within the pages, Kacey’s delectable story telling is on full display…a quick read that will leave you on the edge of your seat…Whether or not you’re a fan of shifter book won’t matter, because you’ll be too engrossed in this riveting story.” 5 Stars from Liz, Goodreads

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2015

Welcome to Okanogan Valley
Dominic let out a long, deep breath as he passed the sign welcoming him back to his hometown.
Despite his inherent instinct to remain solitary, it was time to return home.
Not exactly excited to be back but knowing it was unavoidable, he drew back on the throttle and accelerated down the open road. The tall trees and dense forest rushed by as he pushed on, his back aching some from being on his Honda Shadow for the last three days.
Five years since he’d been here and yet the route was just as familiar as if he’d ridden it yesterday.
The years had gone by slowly, yet also fast. Time hadn’t healed all his wounds from his father’s untimely death, but the twenty-seven-year-old young man Dominic once was had grown into a man. And he’d finally accepted that he was destined to be Alpha of the pride.
Though it was his rightful spot, he needed to ascertain the direction the vulnerable pride had taken, and whether or not his cousin would step aside without qualm.
The motorcycle lurched as he changed gears. Thinking of Kenneth right now was not the best avenue to take. He’d heard what his cousin had been up to recently, and the urge to wrap his hands around the little shit’s throat was strong.
He’d left the pride in Kenneth’s capable hands—so he thought—and all he’d done was take advantage of his position.
Being a class-A asshole did not breed a great leader.
Dominic didn’t know who he was more pissed off at—himself for asking Kenneth to help him out or Kenneth for being a fuck-up. The new awareness that he should have been more diligent of keeping tabs on the pride gnawed at his nerves.
Winding down the empty road, he couldn’t help admiring the beauty of the mountains around him.
The exquisite sight of the large, beautiful hills and valleys crawled into his heart, wrapping around his soul, and reminding him of all he’d left behind. The rich lands belonged to his family, to the pride, and had for many generations.
His father loved mountains, probably even more so than Dominic did. Thanks to years of exploration and adventure, Dominic knew every inch of the lands of his homeland.
His father, Drago, was the first Alpha ever in the pride of panthers. Although they tend to be a solitary animal, his father had rallied that they band together in the fashion of other cats and create a unified pride. In this day and age, his father had campaigned, we are too vulnerable alone. We need to unify and protect our kind from looming extinction.
Glancing down at his watch, he punched the motorcycle faster in order to make it in time. Today was a very important moment for him and his remaining family.
He was home for good. And come hell or high water, he’d make everything right again.
Dominic wanted to guide and counsel the pride in the same reverent manner his father had, but back then he hadn’t been prepared for his father’s death. He’d needed time on his own to grow and learn. To understand the true ways of the world and respect the pride’s new way of life.
Cresting the last hill, the local community hall came into view. Energy surged through his body at seeing the familiar building and surrounding businesses. He hadn’t truly realized how much he’d missed home until now.
Pulling into a parking spot, he shut down his bike and lifted his arms over his head. Stretching to the left and right, his muscles strained and twisted as he worked out the kinks of the last few days. Unbuckling his helmet, he pushed it up and off, and shook out his hair. He should probably consider a haircut soon, being as the curls bounced against his neck and itched over his ears.
He’d pulled off the highways regularly to clean up and catch a few hours of sleep in motels on the way. There hadn’t been much time for him to do a complete clean up so he’d have to do.
His cell phone vibrated in his front pocket. Withdrawing it, he checked the caller ID and immediately answered.
“Hey, everything okay?”
“Yeah,” his contact replied on the other end. “Confirming our meet later tonight. Still a go?”
“Fucking right. My cousin won’t know what hit him. You get me in and I’ll take care of the rest.” He clenched his fist around the handle bar. “I’d like to kill the prick right now.” Rage nearly choked him. Damn Kenneth for everything.
“Rein it in, buddy.”
“I’m trying. Taking every ounce of willpower I have not to bust this shit wide open the minute I walk in there.”
“You can handle this. Gotta run, am staying out of sight. See you later.”
The call ended. Dominic drew in deep breaths and tried to clear his mind. He’d been trained in one of the most lethal professions out there. Adding his panther to the mix, his anger was boiling heavily. But he couldn’t go into the hall guns blazing. Not when there was so much at stake. The element of surprise was on his side.
Unzipping his leather jacket, he stood and lifted his right leg over the bike, stomping his feet on the cement and getting the circulation moving again. Glancing around the quiet, deserted streets, he breathed in the sweet scent of the lands around him. Dust, wheat from the neighboring fields a mile away, the burned coffee that no doubt came from the Lap It Up Diner down the street, and the sugary richness from the Dairy Barn Ice Cream Parlor on the other side.
Cocking his head, two additional scents caught him unaware. One wrapped him with joy and protection, his heart filling with happiness with the knowledge that his mother was nearby. He had only communicated with her through e-mail and when he’d asked her to come out West to see him for a few days. Today was her special day. He hoped she’d be as pleased to see him back home as he was to be here.
The other scent, however, set his nerves on edge and his breathing ragged. The only other woman who filled his heart with both happiness and uneasiness. She was out of his league, had always been, even though there were few places they’d gone over the years where they weren’t together.
She was his childhood friend, confidante, and also the woman he’d wanted to someday spend forever with. They’d kept their relationship under wraps in the past, but Dominic planned to change that as soon as he could.

Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead…
Canadian-born author Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic. A romance reader from a young age, she fell in love with happily ever afters. These days, as a multi- published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass, and emotion to the many genres she writes.

Mom of three, Kacey lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada.

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Dark Master – Sneak Peek (Adult Content)

Closing in on release day for the next story in the Sypricon Masters series, the brand new, never before released, DARK MASTER. So before 9/1 rolled around, I thought I would give a little bit of a sneak peek at what readers are in store for!


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“This will feel a little warm, like taking a dip in bath water. Let me know if it’s too much for you.” Though he removed the bindings Salt had placed, and freed her from the table, he kept her flat, talking quietly as he retrieved items he would need from nearby. Never once did his touch leave her, a silent reassurance to always be there where she needed him.

She inhaled slow and steady, then exhaled just as patiently, timing her breathing to help her relax as he worked to coat her skin with something thick, sticky, and warm. “This is veniyal. A special mix of organic minerals courtesy of Crusher that will form a pliable solid once it’s mixed and exposed to air. There are a few extra things kicked in there to help numb whatever you’ve applied it to in order to assist with the sensation, but nothing that will hurt you. I’ve been trying to get the recipe out of him for a few years, but the bastard is as tight lipped as Bales.”

Ah, Crusher, the reclusive House Master Walker had once mentioned in passing to Reeva. If she remembered correctly, Walker had called the Dom a few choice names as well. Little was known about the man, except that he took his duty to the members and staff of Tawse very, very seriously.

Korsen worked efficiently, sealing her from the neck down in the gooey liquid. She was going to have a hell of a time washing this off later. But because Korsen was the one taking such care to apply it, she found she didn’t mind. He could slather scalding hot muds on her and she’d gladly accept the offering because it meant she’d pleased him.

“Just a few more seconds.” From the rim of Korsen’s collar all the way down to her toes felt muted. As though he really had dunked her in a vat of thick mud. Then all at once, the coating tightened, molding perfectly to her flesh to seal out any outside influence. “Ah, there it goes. Can you feel that?”

Reeva concentrated for a few moments, trying to determine if he was actually touching her or fooling her by asking a trick question. The veniyal coating her skin, sealing her into herself, wasn’t like anything she’d ever experienced before. Like her inability to see, now she was unable feel anything from the neck down. “I—I can’t tell.”

“Perfect.” He moved his mouth against hers again, prodding with his tongue until she opened and accepted him. When she did, he plunged his tongue into her mouth, possessing and claiming with a gentle authority. He stroked it along hers, playing. Mating. Claiming. Reassuring as he slowly devoured her. She was panting when he pulled away. “Perfect. Just like the pussy lips I’m tracing right now with my hand. The tight bud of your clit that I’m playing with. Shaped so exquisitely, begging to be touched and fondled.” She realized with a start that he’d spread her thighs wide while he’d worked, giving him full access to her most sensitive areas and there was nothing she could do to stop him. “You’re on display, Reeva. The veniyal is clear, so not only is it robbing you of sensation, it’s gifting me with the unencumbered sight of your body in all its glory. You are bound, held helpless to do with as I please.”

Not that she expected him to tell her, but she asked anyway. “What do you have in store for me?”

“What I’m going to do, beautiful, is bust this comfort zone of yours wide open by taking away every single thing you know and rely on.”