Get Off Easy Special Pre-Release Pricing


From now through June 16th, Get Off Easy will be available for a special price of just .99 cents. After that, it will go up to it’s normal price of 2.99. As soon as the release is 90 days out, I’ll have a pre-release link for Amazon as well.

Special Price Pre-Order Links: All Romance eBooks || Kobo || Barnes and Noble

Grae is ready take her membership at Noble House to the next level. In her sights are two premier Doms who sparked her hunger during a forbidden night long, long ago. Surrounded by the club’s legendary theme rooms, her body awakens to urges she has kept locked away. As the trio explore their kinkiest fantasies, Grae realizes she’ll have to confess her darkest cravings.

Saint and Boyce have been partners for thirteen years, both at the club and in life. They know exactly what Grae desires. But they also know she needs to be open and honest. Until she finds the courage to trust them unconditionally, the powerful Doms can only seduce and tease her in every imaginable way. The men know that even though the triad’s chemistry is explosive, in power exchanges—and love—no one gets off easy.