Important Announcement – 10/5/16

On September 20th, I was finally able to get some closure on a two-year ongoing struggle with one of my publishers who was partaking in some very questionable dealings in regards to royalties. Which means that by the end of 2016, I will have the rights returned on the following books:

Ragged Edge
Reclaiming the Edge
Edge of Need
Taking Over Me
Rock Your Soul
Break Me In
Glad You Came
Chasing Sin

I have some time to decide what to do with these books, and I’m working on a plan to turn them around to get them back out and available to readers. Six full-length novels (four of which are an entire series), one novella and one short are a lot to juggle so it’s going to take me a little bit to sort things out since I’m only one person. 🙂

When I have a plan in place, I will certainly keep this space updated!

In some way, despite all the struggle and hassle this particular process has been, it is also bittersweet. I was elated when I signed Ragged Edge with Ellora’s Cave. This awesome, fantastic publisher wanted to publish my book. And in a few ways, that choice was a game changer. Ragged Edge earned me PAN status with RWA, something I was convinced I would never attain. I met my awesome editor who I worked with for 10 books. She made me work, and work damn hard, to make my books fabulous. Pulling things from me that I didn’t even know I was capable of. I met some dear friends at Romanticon the couple of times I attended and had a great time.

It’s been quite a ride! But I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter with these books. I had plans for continuing the Body Masters series (Xavier! Diane!) and spinning off the Geek Kink series (Dade’s brothers!) and now I can dig those synopses and partials back out!!

Week Three of #ListifyLife – Little Things That Make Me Happy

listifylifeFew days later than I normally post for the weekly listify life – but I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder/upper left arm (and I’m a leftie!) and haven’t been sitting at a computer much when I’m not at work. Doctor has me on pain pills for a week, and if things don’t improve, I’m supposed to go see the physical therapist.

You never really realize just how much you use your dominant arm until you’re on restriction!

Don’t know what #ListifyLife is? See my post last week on it and join in on the fun!