New Release – Dark Master (Sypricon Masters #5)

Wahoo!! It’s finally release day for DARK MASTER! And if you’re a New Release Announcement subscriber, you got an exclusive reveal of TWISTED DEEP – what did you think??


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Tragically injured in the line of duty, Reeva Nix lost her sight…and her spirit. She goes through the motions of life without a sense of direction or purpose. Except at Tawse. The exclusive BDSM club on Sypricon is the perfect venue for her to forget what sets her apart from other submissives.

Except nobody wants damaged goods.

Korsen prefers the no strings attached approach when he plays with the pretty submissives at Tawse. When he spots a gorgeous sub who doesn’t realize her full potential, he takes charge, and plunges Reeva into a world of total sensory deprivation. Under his skilled touch, she discovers the true meaning of surrender. But the cover of darkness reveals unexpected emotions. Now Korsen will have to choose between what his role as Master demands and what his heart now craves.

Warning: Take one stubborn submissive, match her with an equally hard-headed Master who doesn’t mind encasing his sub to cut off her entire world and you’ll get an explosive couple who are stunned to discover they’ve found their perfect match.

A Sale, An Upcoming Release and A Snippet from Dark Master (Oh My)

A lot to cover so I’ll get right to it. :)

First up, the first full-length novel from the Noble House series, GET OFF EASY, is on sale through 9/12/15 at your etailer of choice for just 1.99!

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Next on the block, the rights to LETHAL BEAUTY reverted to me earlier this month, and I’ve been working on a new title, a new cover and stripping a few key shared world details out of the novella for re-release. I’m looking to have this accomplished around the end of September – stay tuned! In the meantime, how about a title reveal? LETHAL BEAUTY is now SHIFT OF COMMAND. I love the cover that has been worked up by my artist of choice (yes, I know that’s me LOL) and can’t wait to show it off!


Just a few days away from the release of DARK MASTER, and the exclusive cover reveal to New Release Announcement subscribers for TWISTED DEEP. So how about a snippet, just a little bit of adult language in this one.

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 “You haven’t let go completely, even with me.”

“I haven’t?” She thought she’d done a pretty good job of giving someone total control.

“You feed off the challenge I presented you with. I have to confess, I like that I upset you. That you needed my reassurance more than a few times because you were worried I’d left. You needed to be shaken up. To have the world as you thought you knew it destroyed.” He fell silent, fingers touching hers, playing, teasing without words, connecting them in a way Reeva understood but had never experienced before.

Not with a Dom.

And certainly never with a man.

The delicate thread of absolute vulnerability frightened her as much as it thrilled her. She wanted to stay like this, here, with him, learning more about him, trading personal tidbits with him, imprinting him in her mind. She wanted to sit with him while he shaved, wash him while he showered, soak in a tub full of fragrant bubbles and scalding hot water with him after an intense scene where he’d broken her open. She wanted to hear what sort of noises he made when he slipped his cock into her for the first time, if his grunts and groans reverberated through her each time he thrust deep, and even how his voice sounded whispering her name as he came.

Was his laugh as throaty as she imagined?