Week Three of #ListifyLife – Little Things That Make Me Happy

listifylifeFew days later than I normally post for the weekly listify life – but I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder/upper left arm (and I’m a leftie!) and haven’t been sitting at a computer much when I’m not at work. Doctor has me on pain pills for a week, and if things don’t improve, I’m supposed to go see the physical therapist.

You never really realize just how much you use your dominant arm until you’re on restriction!

Don’t know what #ListifyLife is? See my post last week on it and join in on the fun! http://www.sarabrookes.net/2016/03/15/welcome-to-the-listifylife-spring-challenge/ 

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just a Wish

In my last post, I talked about goal setting and planning. I’m still working on getting my goal setting down to a system that I like and can actually feel doing me some good, but I’ve found what is referred to as “planner peace” when it comes to my schedule. There is no right or wrong way to keep a planner/calendar. For me, I’ve always done better with a tangible book that I can write stuff down in. I tend to remember things better when I actually write them down versus typing it out on a digital calendar. Plus…doodles and stickers and…and…color coding with pens!

Years ago, I took a Franklin Covey class on their planner system. I still have the fancy leather planner they gave us during class, because…office supply obsession. :) I used it for a while, and though the system didn’t fit me 100%, I find I still use some of the methods today. Some people don’t find any value from writing a task over that you didn’t accomplish. I do. Not doing it on a day that I was supposed to moves it up in the ranks of importance the next day.

Sunday mornings, before the rest of the rest of the house rises, are for me, my planner and my coffee. Yeah, it’s a ritual. One that I’m back to after a few years of abandoning it. That time helps organize my stuff from the week before and look ahead to the week ahead, figure out meals for the week, etc.

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