Snog for Sommer – Kissing Excerpt from Glad You Came

Welcome to the Snog for Sommer! What’s that about you ask? Sommer Marsden is a fantastically talented erotic romance author. Not only is she very talented she’s an all-round lovely lady. At the moment Sommer’s family are going through a really challenging time, her husband is fighting pancreatic cancer and it is putting a strain on then in many ways.

So, how do you join in? Just, after you read my hot little excerpt from my upcoming release, you’ll find a list of participating sites. Hop around the different blogs and you’ll be able to win prizes, read excerpts, maybe even find some hidden treasure!

For my part of the snog, I’m sharing a excerpt from Glad You Came, Geek Kink #4 – which releases this Wednesday! Yup, it’s a “kissing part” – a m/m kiss part at that. WooHoo! I’m also giving away three ecopies of winner’s choice of a book in the Geek Kink series (winners will choose from Taking Over Me, the award-winning Rock Your Soul or Break Me In). Why three? Glad You Came is a menage, silly. ;) Just leave a comment and I’ll draw winners tomorrow 9/15. Good luck & thanks for visiting!

glad-you-came (3)“No one has ever stood up for me like you did. Laid everything out on the line so unapologetically. Like you didn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone in the room thought. About what you had to say. About you.”

“I’m not most people.”

“You certainly aren’t.” Tony stroked the side of Dade’s jaw, the quiet rasp of a day’s growth filling the space between them. “I always thought I’d have to be the one who stood up for Genevieve. Didn’t much care about myself. But it’s nice to know how someone else feels without any guards in place.”

Dade licked his lips. “Just protecting what’s mine.”

“As much as I would have liked to have said those same things, I know enough to accept what happened for what it was. To take what you said at face value.” Dade met Tony halfway, a building heat suppressing the cold night air as their lips touched.

Dade continued his forward momentum until he’d caged Tony against the car. He set his piss-water coffee and Tony’s glasses on the roof, darting his tongue between Tony’s lips as cars zipped past on the interstate. Dade sank into the heat and raw passion pouring from Tony and arched against him. He sensed Tony’s need to be claimed. Hauling Tony into one of the bathroom stalls to sate the need to brand him as his would satisfy them physically. But a quick fuck wasn’t the kind of mark Dade wanted to give Tony at the moment.

Breaking away, Dade kissed Tony’s collarbone, giving him the barest edge of his teeth before dipping his tongue into the hollow of his throat. Tony shivered. “I meant every word. You and Genevieve are my family. I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks now because I’m not going to lose the best damn thing I’ve ever had.” Dade slid his hand around the back of Tony’s neck. With a lover’s touch, he pressed a soft kiss against Tony’s lips, using the faintest hint of tongue. “I let that happen for too long. And I will fight until there’s nothing left of me for you two.”

A quiet growl rolled from Tony as he tugged on Dade’s waist. Dade inhaled deeply, opening his mouth to take more of Tony in. An overwhelming wave of love pushed through him, the floodgate springing a leak seconds before a rush of emotion overtook him. “I’m at my best when I’m around you. With you and her. The need for your presence in my life isn’t something I can describe. I just know how I feel. How alive I am when you’re near—“

Tony stopped him with a loving kiss. “You don’t have to explain.”

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First Excerpt of Glad You Came, Geek Kink #4 (Adult Content)

With just one week (!!!) to go before the release of the last Geek Kink book, I thought I would share the first taste of Glad You Came. Adult flags all over this one, guys. :D


Torture wasn’t one of Dade’s specialties, but he certainly had been doing enough of it lately. What he needed to do was stop staring. Something else he’d been doing a lot of. Not that Genevieve and Tony would notice. Especially with the way they were wrapped around one another just feet away. Why Dade had thought coming to Genevieve’s restaurant was a good idea was beyond him.

Because you want to fuck them.

“Another slice of pizza?”

Dade smiled at Elena as she slid another piece onto his plate. “Sure.” Always the doting mother hen. Marriage sure hadn’t changed her nurturing ways. In fact, marrying Alex Conners had made her caring nature even more pronounced.

Though Dade usually enjoyed these monthly gatherings with his friends, he barely tasted the food tonight. He usually loved the variety the Southern Ridge Grille offered. No doubt the meal was just as fabulous as always, but tonight everything seemed dull.

Much like his mood.

Ten minutes ago, just as the pizza had been served, the couple sitting across from him at the large table had moved to a secluded corner shadowed by an artfully arranged lighting pattern. As the ultimate restaurateur, Genevieve knew how to set a mood so the restaurant appealed to the couple celebrating a romantic night or their child’s fifth birthday. As the owner of one of the few table service restaurants in Gatlin Falls, she knew how to appeal to the tourist and local alike.

From Dade’s vantage point, he had a clear view of the couple. And of Tony sliding his hand between Genevieve’s legs. She shifted closer, parting her thighs so Tony could delve deeper. The muscles of his biceps flexed and bunched as he worked.

Dade’s cock sprang to life.

He adjusted, draping his napkin across his lap in hopes that no one would notice. That was the last thing he needed. Despite his state, he continued to watch the couple because there was something that enamored him. Something about their chemistry and passion that drew him in.

Genevieve clutched Tony’s arm, digging her fingers into his sleeve. Dade wanted that. But he didn’t want just Genevieve clinging to him while he pleasured her. Didn’t want to hear his name spill from her lips. Dade also wanted Tony there. Not just watching. An active participant. He wanted Tony under him, Dade’s cock plunging over and over between ass cheeks he’d seen outlined by faded denim too many times to count. Genevieve would be there, pussy level with Dade’s face so he could savor her while fucking himself blind into Tony.

God, the things they could all do together.

Sheer heaven.

Except for one tiny detail.

Tony and Genevieve were married.

Dade wasn’t about to step all over their vows. This whole situation was his own fault for getting infatuated in the first place. Damn brain. Yet, he couldn’t stop watching. Couldn’t stop imagining spending more time with them. Couldn’t stop a lot of things he shouldn’t waste his time on.

But here he sat, like some lust-filled teenager bent on fulfilling his wildest desires.

Torture indeed.