Impulse Control Snippet

Just two weeks until release day for Impulse Control! Thought I would share a little bit. And don’t forget, Impulse Control is available for pre-order at these retailers for just 99 cents!

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FINALsmicV2_lowresSelene hadn’t come to Tawse specifically for Vaughn. Well, not really. She’d come in order to forget an unfortunate side effect of her job. To escape the death and blood around her on a daily basis.
To get her out of her brain for five minutes.
Problem was, whatever scene she participated in would be a quick hit. An illusion of relief. What she needed the most was someone to push her. To shove past barriers she struggled to demolish. Her law enforcement instincts were too ingrained to allow her to fully submit. Most Doms found out she was a cop and went easy on her. She needed someone who wasn’t afraid of her badge.

New Series: Noble House (And What Makes It Different)

This morning I was talking about the book I plan to work on during National Novel Writing Month this year, and I mentioned that I’d be writing the first book of a series that I’ll be self publishing next year. Then I realized I hadn’t told anyone (except some close author friends who I’ve been brainstorming things with and pestering with artwork questions for the covers) *what* my brain had come up with this time around.


Noble House will be a trilogy of full length novels set around three friends who are members of a BDSM club in California. Kochran Duke, Ford Templar and Enver Furst are the heart and soul of the club. What’s different about Noble House is that not all the members attend in person. Noble House has a strong online presence as well, broadcasting live shows, demos and the like on the club’s website where people around the world can watch live or search through the video archives. Ya know there had to be *some* kind of geek angle from me, right??

Right now, I’m shooting for all three books to release in 2015, with the first book of the series being targeted for an early spring release. Here are the titles and targeted release dates for the series.

Get Off Easy – March 17, 2015
Bang It Out – July 21, 2015
Pretty Tied Up – November 17, 2015

Get Off Easy revolves around Ford “Saint” Templar, his long-time partner Boyce Denali and Grae Burrows, the woman who wants to get between them because she can’t stop thinking about the one-night stand the trio had twenty years prior.

Yey m/m/f menage!!

The covers for the books are still being polished by Silver Phoenix Labs* and I’m planning to start showing them off in early January 2015. I hope y’all decide to take the journey to Noble House with me!

*Yes, I realize this is still me, but it’s still fun to say it. :P