Ask Me! — Open Post

Thought I’d start out the month by having an open post. What does that mean? Simple (if you haven’t noticed I’m all about the simple things) if you’ve got a question for me–ask. Want to know if there will more books connected to Hardware? Ask! Want to know what my plans are for the Rebirth series? Ask! Interested to know what I’m working on right now or even what some of my writing techniques are? Ask! I can’t promise my answers will be fun & entertaining, but I’ll do my best! I’ll answer questions in another post sometime during the month. And who knows, I may even draw some names for some free books. *hint hint*

6 thoughts on “Ask Me! — Open Post

  1. Oh, I want to know how you find the time to write all of these great books, run Six Sentence Sunday and do all of the family and work stuff.

    Also, do you tend to listen the the same music while writing or do you have a different playlist for each book/series?

  2. Actually, are you going to write more books connected to Hardware? Because I gotta say that I would love to read them after finishing Hardware last week.

    Like the three other people who use Sanctuary; Elena with Nick as you hinted a bit of longing on Elena’s side towards the end of the book, Donovan finally finding someone instead of the wrong one. Love it to be male 😉 And Ryan, I’d love to know what goes on in his room.

  3. Random question: Who does the cover art for your books? DO you use the same person/place or do you look into other options?

  4. Umm ya. So what’s happening on Saturday? *giggles*

    Ok for real now. Which character from Hardware are you writing about next? And how soon will we get to see it? 😀

  5. I also want to know whether characters from Hardware will get their own story. I just finished reading this one about 5 minutes ago – and loved it. I SO want to read more about Nick, Elena, Donovan & Ryan.

    Please. 🙂

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