Dirty Little Thing

DLTfullpngDirty Little Thing

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Shy, reserved and proper Adelita is the sweetest temptation Triss has ever known. Their loving relationship is only missing one single element even though Triss is more than willing to do anything to guarantee Adelita’s fulfillment. When Adelita accidently plays voyeur to a hot and heavy encounter of another couple, Triss finally understands what Adelita’s body craves, and will stop at nothing to give it to her.

Warning: An embarrassing glimpse of a f/f couple engaging in licking, teasing, sucking and fisting leads to a very public f/f orgasm that ignites a match that won’t be extinguished.

5 Stars ~ “Really hot & very well written. Superb!”
~ Molly Sinclair

Adelita had never had an orgasm.
She’d had plenty of sex, but had never achieved a gut-wrenching, tear-your-soul-out climax. I was determined to be the one to give her that moment. Not because I owned a sadistic streak a mile wide. I simply had a deep-seated desire to hear Adelita scream my name and feel her pastel-pink nails dig deep into my wrist as she tumbled over the precipice of release.
I had no idea why I’d made her lack of orgasm my mission. Why I felt so flustered, and even a little perturbed, about the situation. I only knew I wanted to be the one who gave Adelita something she’d never experienced before. To be the one who held her while she basked in the blissful haze of afterglow.

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