Hard as Stone

HaS_V3_FULLRESHard as Stone 

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Brady McConnell thrives on saving patients in his busy emergency room, but a handful of failures send him tumbling over the edge of sanity. There to catch him is real estate mogul, Garrett Stafford. Brady has always been jealous of Garrett’s carefree attitude toward life, love and sex, but through the good and the bad, his sexy-as-hell best friend has always been at Brady’s side.

All the money in the world can’t buy Garrett the one thing he wants the most–Brady. But seeing Brady broken and exhausted on a busy, snow-covered Chicago street just days before Christmas is the last straw. Garrett finally gives in to the temptation that has haunted him for years and shows Brady there’s more to life than rescuing those in need.

Roused by their desperate passion for one another, their desire reaches an explosive breaking point. Brady realizes one night isn’t enough, but the always secretive Garrett is bound by rules he can’t change. Now Brady’s healing touch may save more than just a life…it may just save Garrett’s soul.

*This title was previously released by another publisher in December 2011, and has been extensively revised from the original edition.