Get Off Easy – Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

“Not tonight, buddy. At least not with that. I have something a little more substantial in mind.” Boyce dropped the gag into his bag and pulled out a condom. He wiggled the foil packet as he worked open his fly, and Saint nodded, the side of his mouth lifting in approval.
Though Asha was shaking her head, her intent gaze stayed focused on Boyce’s crotch as he pulled himself free and wrapped his hand around the base. Her interest was perceptible. But she was definitely fighting. As though she didn’t want to want it.
Tricky thing, submission. Making little-known desires bubble to the surface.
“Stubborn, sprite.” Boyce paused, watching her intently for a few seconds. “Fighting and struggling against the inevitable.”
She bit her plump lower lip, her gaze locked on his dick as he made a show of rolling the condom in place. His hand was a poor substitute for the warmth of her mouth, but he’d be there soon enough.
“Open up, honey.” When she complied, he brushed the head of his cock against her lips.
He pushed forward slightly, stopping when her mouth surrounded the broad head. She sucked him in, swiping her tongue against him. He fed her his cock an inch at a time until he felt resistance against the back of her throat. Though she increased the suction, trying to pull him in, he prevented her by clutching the back of her head and yanking her mouth away. He tightened his grip until she whimpered and began squirming. But he didn’t release. Instead he continued to hold her head firmly in place as he swept his cock over her parted lips. Back and forth, dragging the wetness she’d slicked over him against her trembling mouth.
“You don’t get to decide when to suck. My dick is in your mouth for my pleasure. You’re serving me. Not the other way around. As pretty as you are, sprite, you need to learn that you still don’t get to top from the bottom. My pace. My control.”
When she whimpered again, the vibrations wrapped around the base of his dick and threaded up his spine. She was going to be a joy once things really ramped up.
“But they do get their bottoms topped.” Saint flipped the lever on the small remote in his hand, and the shaft of the machine inched forward. As the dildo pushed into her, she squirmed against the table.
“Easy, sprite.” To keep her preoccupied, Boyce drew his hips back and then forward gradually, using the momentum to thrust in and out of her mouth. “Show me how appreciative you are for the feast I’m granting you.”
She went lax in her bindings, groaning around him again as she began to suck him in earnest. Boyce watched the toy slowly push inside her, keeping careful watch even though he knew Saint was doing the same. Her breathing increased as more of the toy disappeared inside her. Boyce adjusted to ensure she got the necessary air.
Her hands clenched into fists as the entire length of the toy pushed inside her. Saint flipped off the machine, allowing her to accept being opened so wide. She took it like a champ, her lower body trembling as pleasure and endorphins swamped her muscles. The feel of the latex did nothing to dull the sensation of contact against Boyce’s dick. In fact, it seemed to enhance it.
A soft whine sounded as Saint flipped the on switch. When the machine started a pattern of thrusts, Boyce began moving again. As she relaxed, Boyce was able to push past her gag reflex. With a soft groan, he slipped into her throat. Her sweet mouth, sucking his cock in earnest, accepted his length over and over.
Asha made a needful noise that caused Boyce to smile. There was no place finer than being cradled in a woman’s mouth.
Except maybe being in Saint’s mouth.
A wonderful pull surrounded the base of his dick. And it had nothing to do with the little sprite’s skills. The only thing that would make this moment truly mind-blowing—both for him and Asha—was for Saint to get his ass to the other side of the table and join them. Boyce wasn’t looking for a quick session tonight. Wasn’t looking for the quicksilver punch of release to take him over.
Asha came first—literally so, in this case. Several times over, since he was determined to give her pleasure as well as punishment. But the change of plans hadn’t deterred Boyce’s need to have Saint balls-deep in his ass tonight.
Seconds later, a gentle touch stroked across his back. A flutter passed through his stomach as he looked up to find Saint standing beside him. As Boyce’s cock thickened with a rush of pleasure, he hooked his hand around Saint’s neck and tugged him closer. “Come here.”
Their mouths met, a tangle of tongues as they kissed. The fire smoldering in Boyce’s gut burst forth, sparking passionate arousal. Asha groaned, her throat opening to take more of him, and he slipped impossibly deeper.
Boyce broke the kiss, smiling against Saint’s lips. “I think she likes watching us.”
“I like watching her. And you.” Saint touched her hair, slowly combing his fingers through the golden strands before cradling the back of her head. He followed her movements as Boyce’s dick disappeared inside her mouth. “Though, as much as it pains me to admit, I’m a bit jealous.”
“More than enough of me to share.”
“Indeed there is.” Saint adjusted the stroke rate of the machine before he crouched and brought his face level with Asha. “Doesn’t he taste good? All that raw, potent masculinity of his saturating your senses?”
Asha groaned, accepting each driving thrust as Boyce fucked her mouth.
“Too bad your hands are bound. He’s wonderfully receptive to having his testicles fondled while he’s getting head. He gets this wild look in his eyes when you manage to find the perfect sweet spot that keeps him right on the edge of exploding. Someday I want to make him come just sucking on his balls.”
“If I’d known you were going to write a book while you were down there, I would have worn a cock ring.”
“You still can.” Saint’s eyes flashed as he gazed up the line of Boyce’s body. He flicked out his tongue, licking the skin where the imaginary ring would sit at the base of Boyce’s dick.
“Fuck that.” White spots danced in Boyce’s vision as Saint licked from root to tip. “Good goddamn.”
“Boyce may teach you a few new inventive swears we’ll just have to tame out of you tonight, Asha.” Saint dipped lower, wrapping his lips around one testicle. The sight, and feel, of two mouths sucking and worshipping him pushed at Boyce’s sanity. Made him feel as though their tongues were licking, sucking and teasing every nerve ending he possessed. Boyce barreled headlong toward the abyss, knowing at any second, he would have to curtail his control. But for now, he enjoyed the rocket speed at which he streaked along.
Asha’s jaw tightened, the edge of her teeth sinking into the steel of Boyce’s erection. He jerked out of her mouth seconds before she released a high, keening wail. “She’s blowing.”
Saint glanced over, watching as her back arched off the table, her muscles tight throughout her entire body before looking back up to Boyce. “Well then, guess you’re all mine for the moment.”
With a wickedly sly grin, Saint swallowed Boyce’s cock in one move, his nose brushing through the fine blond hair dotting Boyce’s abdomen. Unlike Asha’s tentative swallows, Saint sucked on Boyce with skilled enthusiasm.
There wasn’t anything cautious about Saint’s movements. There never was. Saint always knew exactly what he wanted, and took it without apology. That brazen attitude was one of the things Boyce adored so much about his longtime lover. Time hadn’t eroded their attraction or their love for one another. If anything, each passing year only strengthened his feelings for Saint.
“Don’t get too lost, babe.”
In response to the sweet, husky statement, Boyce’s cock flooded with delicious rigidity. The words mainlined straight to the base of his shaft as Saint swallowed him over and over, feeding the need Boyce had to have Saint deep inside him.
Boyce wasn’t lost. Much. He’d spent years perfecting his control, much to both his and Saint’s delight. Though he’d never have the level of utter restraint Saint possessed. Sometimes it seemed as though the man could go for hours and hours. Right now, Boyce was in the lovely pleasurable headspace where everything felt so damn good.
A feeling he wasn’t looking to end anytime soon.
“Christ, you’re a fucking temptation.” Saint pumped Boyce’s shaft harder as the sweet essence of Asha’s arousal saturated the charged air. “Forgot how much I like fucking your mouth. Making a sweet sub watch while you take me down your throat. Seeing her get off on the way you look with my cock between your lips. Smelling her arousal. Knowing her pussy is getting all flushed and dark. Wet.”
Boyce’s large frame trembled as the desperate hunger for both Saint and Asha started to consume him. Saint wrapped his hands around Boyce’s hips, a shudder rocking through Boyce as Saint shoved his cock deep into his throat and paused.
Boyce’s breath started to clog his throat, knowing what was about to come. “Fuck, yes. Take all of me, babe.”
Saint worked his throat muscles around the shaft, milking and stroking the veins pulsing under the surface of Boyce’s skin. White-hot fire streaked a path through Boyce. He hung in that place of unfathomable pleasure, suspended in a haze he never wanted to end.
Asha screamed as she came again.
Sweet, utter perfection.
Mouth still working over Boyce, Saint hit the controls and sped up the machine. Asha groaned, but accepted the change. Saint replaced his mouth with his hand, and Boyce stared down at him, his sight foggy as he tried to tamp down on the release demanding to be freed. Saint was deliberately goading him into giving up his orgasm. Edging him closer and closer to the maelstrom swirling inside him.
They studied one another, Saint holding Boyce’s gaze for long moments while he slowly pumped his hand up and down. Added a twist on each downstroke. Licked his lips in anticipation as he brought his hand up and over the head, looking so damn eager to take another taste. While he swiped his thumb against the tip, Saint’s unguarded perusal of Boyce’s dick only made Boyce stiffer. Made his deepest desires more pronounced.
Boyce’s love for Saint flourished with each passing second. Boyce cherished these moments during a scene. When they connected on a deeper level. When everything between them became a tangible force Boyce could feel flowing through his veins.
“God help me.” Boyce could barely breathe as the words tumbled forth.
“There’s no help for the wicked, babe.” Saint stared, his gaze boring a hole through Boyce, straight to his heart. As Saint’s breath ghosted over his flesh, Boyce felt need as potent as the highest-grade alcohol streak through his veins. A thousand race cars barreled toward him at unimaginable speed, dragging him further down into the madness that had Saint’s name stamped all over it.
Asha’s whimper pierced the roaring in his ears. One side of Saint’s mouth quirked up. “Someone’s hungry again.”
He fed Boyce’s cock to Asha, watching with rapt interest. Heat arced between the three, lashing out at the way they restrained themselves from the havoc contained within the visceral connection.
Boyce settled into the position, sighing. “Feels so fucking good…you. Her. Us.”
Saint rose, pressing his lips against Boyce’s shoulder. “Looks damn spectacular too.” He dug his fingers into Boyce’s ass, taking over control of the driving strokes into Asha’s willing mouth.
The man was a fucking god.
“Want you so much. Inside me. While I fuck her.” Boyce was quickly losing the ability to form coherent speech in more than short bursts. The power of the moment had overtaken him. Caught up, he’d relinquished his role in the scene to Saint, allowing his lover to completely wield command over both Boyce and Asha.
Amazing how easily Saint had accepted those reins. Boyce had stopped wondering long ago how they managed to flow so effortlessly between the dominant and submissive roles. There were some things in life that were just better off unanswered.
Nothing, no one, slipped Boyce’s control more than Saint.
“I’ll be inside you soon enough. We’re just getting started here.” Saint clenched his fingers tight as he took complete control of the scene. “Let me see it, Boyce, first. Let me see you blow down her throat.”
Something flashed on the other side of the room, followed by a concussive shockwave of noise. The strobe of light flickered bright behind Boyce’s eyes. The vibrations slithered up Boyce’s spine, firing a synapse in his brain and triggering a memory.
One he thought he’d buried deep.
The memory burst forth in a chaotic buzz that swept over him and sank him deep. Fast. Clawing at him. Eating away everything that was good and pure. Taking away his choice. His control.
No. No.
Despite his wishes, the memory burrowed deeper and unleashed its wrath.
Noble House vanished.
He was outside. The air around him hot and dark. Dusty. Fire lit the pitch-black sky, and flashes of rocket hits exploded all around him.
Rockets. Fuck. Not good.
Boyce knew he needed to move. But he was sweaty and itchy. Tired. So tired. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten a good night’s sleep since he’d come to this godforsaken desert. When he was even able to close his eyes because some nightmare had reached out and punched him in the face. He’d been on this patrol for three years already. Three long years filled with so much death and desolation. And it wasn’t getting any easier.
Every muscle felt like a lead weight.
And lying on the ground felt good. So good.
Too good.
Which meant it was wrong.
Something was odd. Off.
Why the hell was he staring at the stars?
He’d been upright and mobile a few seconds ago. He’d been patrolling an area that had been swept three days prior. His unit had labeled the area safe and moved on. They’d even gotten the sign-off from Sarge before he’d cleared them both to relocate and start all their painstaking work again.
Wait. Shit. Both. He wasn’t as alone as he thought.
Where was Diega?
She’d been right there beside him during patrol.
Fuck, no. That still wasn’t right. He hadn’t been on patrol. He’d been asleep. So exhausted, he plummeted into unsettled sleep before his head hit the pillow. That explained his confusion. His disorientation.
Diega had been resting as well. Sleeping at the tent they’d pitched special just for the bomb-sniffing dogs that worked alongside the unit. She’d worked hard. So hard. She’d deserved the break too.
Screams and yells sounded around him as people moved out of the line of fire. He hurt everywhere and nowhere all at once. Like a million bees swarming around him in a toxic cloud, crawling over his skin with their hairy little legs. Their force was destructive, much like the mines he swept for every day.
A familiar voice called out to him through the darkness. A guiding light through the agony tearing through his body. Pain clenched his chest. Gripped his throat. Stole his voice. Tightening its hold on him with bony fingers.
No, I won’t let it take me. I can do this. I am in control.
Boyce blinked, breathing fast and hard. His heart rate tripped higher with such force, he expected it to seize at any moment. The noise blaring in his head died. Everything came into focus, blurred, then cleared again.
He was back at Noble House. Not in one of the many nameless deserts he’d patrolled.
Saint’s face came into view. “You back?” Concern etched his lover’s face.
Fuck. It happened again.
Boyce couldn’t find the breath or the words to answer. Hot shame flowed through his veins, heating his skin. Not only had he broken again, he’d fractured in public. In front of people he considered his family. Showed them weakness. That he was human after all.
Christ, are the cameras still on?
“Boyce, stay with me.” He squeezed Saint’s hand tighter. A reassuring clench came in return, a relieved gust of breath followed. “We’re gonna get you out of here.”
I’ll be fine, he wanted to tell Saint. But, in truth, Boyce knew better. This wasn’t the first time he’d been hit so unexpectedly by what had happened when he was overseas. His past. The heartache that had cut him to the quick. The scar over his heart cracking and splitting open again. The resurgence of his time there had been coming less and less as the years drew out, but when they did hit, those terrible memories were overwhelmingly powerful.
This one had brought him to his knees.
He swallowed, cleared his throat, and found the tattered scraps of his voice. “Asha?”
“Kochran and a few others will get her cleaned up. They’ll take care of her.”
“Did I hurt anyone?”
Saint pulled him tighter. “Don’t worry about that right now.”
Boyce wasn’t so screwed up in the head that he didn’t notice Saint hadn’t answered his question. Fuck. Heat lashed out, anger coursing hot and heavy because the last thing Boyce wanted was to be coddled and protected. Held, yes. He needed the reassuring comfort of a familiar body against his to remind him where he was. But he did not want to be shielded. He needed the truth.
“Did I hurt Asha?” Boyce asked tightly through clenched teeth.
“No,” Saint answered finally. “Just let me take care of you. Worry about the rest later.”
The rest.
Shit. What have I done?
Sagging, Boyce accepted Saint’s support as they stood. He couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on, but he was determined to walk out of there under his own power. He was not about to let this blip get the best of him, or allow it to change his standing with the other members of the club. To show them his flaw.
Wasn’t the first or last time someone had violently lost it inside the armory walls.
This lifestyle lent itself to such psychological stresses.
And right now, Boyce hated every single one of them.

Get Off Easy – Chapter One

We’re a month out from the (re)release of GET OFF EASY, so I thought I’d share the first chapter. (BTW, if you read the previous version in 2015, this new version has been revised and significantly expanded). I’ll post Chapters Two and Three in the coming weeks, so stayed tuned!

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Chapter One

Darkness surrounded Grae. In her life. In her mind. And even in her office as she leaned back in her overstuffed, overpriced chair and yawned. The creature comforts weren’t enough to keep her interested in the image flickering on her computer screen. Not that well-chiseled abs didn’t do it for her. They totally did. But considering the fact she’d been the one to draw, define, and enhance each one of those tongue-licking indentions, the final product had lost its appeal hours ago.
As long as the female audience members went wild, she would keep plodding along. Not to mention, if she didn’t deliver, she wouldn’t be paid her hard-earned check. As tempting as it was to continue, she desperately needed a break.
A quick glance at her trusty desktop clock showed she hadn’t stopped for over thirty-six hours. Since she was on a deadline, her director’s schedule won out over sleep and basic hygiene. Especially because she was under contract. If she wanted another shot at working with this director, she needed to have this guy’s abs painted on and swoon-worthy in the next three hours.
One hell of a reward awaited her after she completed her work, too.
As she made her way to the kitchen to refill her carafe, she tapped the reminder postcard that arrived two days ago against her chin. Fresh coffee would get her through. At least it had to. She’d worked under tighter deadlines, and on less sleep, than this project.
Thirty-six hours with no sleep was kid’s stuff.
Her reward, however, was not child appropriate.
No way. No how.
Kochran Duke was throwing one of his famous parties tonight. The events, where participation was allowed by members both at the club and online, were not low-key and always the highlight of the month. It also meant there was a distinct possibility Saint and Boyce would attend. They never missed a party at the converted armory. No telling what they’d be doing, though.
It was always a surprise when it came to those two.
She shoved a fresh filter into the brew basket, dumped in beans and water, and realized she didn’t care. They could sit and read nursery rhymes to one another, and she’d still get off. Wasn’t as though she’d joined Kochran’s exclusive website only to watch the pretty boys play with their toys.
Okay, well, it wasn’t the only reason.
There was a touch of practicality to why she chose to spend her night watching porn.
And it had nothing to do with satisfying her voyeuristic tendencies.
Her former Master recommended the online dungeon when it became obvious she had all the desire and drive to submit, but none of the time. Noble House offered several levels of membership depending on participation or observation. The fees were steep, but it was a small price to pay for satisfying a guilty indulgence from the privacy of her home office.
Once she’d discovered two of her closest friends from college were Dominants at Noble House, her interest in the private club increased tenfold. Thanks to alumni updates from the university, she’d known they’d continued to date after they graduated. Even knew where they lived because of an article published six months ago in the yearly alumni newsletter about the building they’d saved from the wrecking ball and turned into an apartment complex. Knowing they were still together, and trying to change the world, warmed her heart.
And a few other strategic lady bits.
Someday she would visit Noble House. Though the idea of taking a vacation long enough to visit Northern California sounded absurd. With the constant trail of work following her wherever she went, taking a break was unheard of. Visiting friends she hadn’t seen in more than a decade was even more ludicrous. As was confessing she’d seen every one of their broadcasted scenes since she’d become a member.
And hunted through the archives.
Several times over.
The coffeepot chimed. She dumped the contents into the carafe, then grabbed the French vanilla creamer. As she made her way back to her spacious office, her eyes slowly adjusted to the permanent darkness she’d created thanks to heavy light-blocking blinds. Day or night, the lighting in the room never changed. When she’d decided to leave the guaranteed contract with the big-budget movie studio behind and become a freelancer, she’d invested in all the bells and whistles. No sense working from home without the proper equipment.
Six monitors wasn’t too much, right?
A quick check of the emails she’d been ignoring for the past few hours indicated the director was getting aggravated. Time to buckle down and turn out this masterpiece. Armed with a fresh cup of coffee, Grae leaned back to watch the fight sequence she’d been working on for the past week. She noted a few minor inconsistencies she could smooth over while she waited to see if she had approval. No need to waste her time if the director wanted to ditch the segment
Task completed, she zipped the file, then dropped it onto her secure server. An email containing the link to the director was next and meant her part was complete. She flipped a switch to change over to her personal computer tower and waited for it to boot. When it finally beeped in greeting, she directed the browser window to Noble House’s main site. A few keystrokes, and the splash page for tonight’s event flashed onto the huge screen she’d mounted on the wall.
Two very familiar faces stared back at her.
Boyce Denali, the one on the left, wore heavy-duty leathers. Too bulky for working inside the club. These were the kind used for protection should he take a spill. Though she doubted he would ever be so careless. Boyce was the kind of man the pavement moved for. Dark blond, piercing blues, muscles to die for, and a chiseled bone structure even the most formidable Viking would find intimidating.
Ford Templar, on the other hand, was all dark and mysterious. Nicknamed Saint at the club, Ford was broody. Sulky. Dark hair. Olive skin. Lean muscles. The dark to Boyce’s light. Except his eyes. Those eyes. Eerily colored, they reminded her of glass Coke bottles. Rumor had it his gaze could pierce right through to someone’s soul. While Boyce held a commanding air that demanded to be heard, Saint wore his power subtly but was still all dominant authority.
Seemingly connected at the hip, the two men scened together every week. Much to her delight. Grae didn’t think she’d ever seen them work with a submissive alone. Not that the choice to only carry out ménage scenes affected their standing at the club. Not in the least. Every time they worked together, their scenes had been nothing short of spectacular.
“Let’s see what you’re up to tonight, boys.”

* * *

The submissive Boyce had just finished securing to the bondage table struggled against her cuffs. Not surprising given the size of the dildo Saint had extracted from his toy bag. Boyce had been intimidated the first time Saint used it on him too. Damn thing had felt as though it had been about to split him in two. And he’d cursed Saint’s full name the entire time he’d come.
Now that was a glorious memory.
Boyce tucked it away for later. Something to relive after this scene, when they were alone.
Saint’s green eyes glittered in the stage lighting. Yeah, Saint was enjoying himself way too damn much to mention it. Not that Boyce would complain. He wasn’t the one facing down the monstrous cock.
But he would definitely reap the rewards.
Boyce angled his face so the submissive and the cameras mounted around the room couldn’t see him mouth fucker to Saint. That gloriously wicked gleam in his eyes darkened, transforming Saint from sadistic bastard to devilishly handsome sadistic bastard.
Definitely spending some time walking down memory lane later.
As Saint screwed the abundantly sized phallus to a long shaft attached to his custom fucking machine, Boyce crouched. Time to pay attention to a very worried-looking submissive. Face level with Asha, he stroked her cheek. Her whimpers grew softer, her breathing regulating as he caressed her. Her amber eyes unfocused, glazing over as he encouraged her attention to remain on him.
Boyce swept some of her blonde hair to the side, exposing the bright red flush that darkened her cheeks. That same flush had spread across her neck, the gentle swells of her breasts. She was smaller than Boyce usually favored, a tiny package of a woman who barely cleared his chest when she was upright.
But her petite size didn’t make her any less desirable.
Boyce loved women—and men—of all shapes and sizes. Asha was a cute, little pixie who had more than enough enthusiasm to make up for her small size. She also had the wrath of Kochran Duke hanging over her head.
They’d planned a different scene entirely for the evening, but Kochran had intercepted them earlier in the day and called in a favor. One of the House submissives needed an attitude adjustment. She had a reputation for being mouthy with the Noble House Doms during a scene. Everything from topping from the bottom, coming whenever she damn well felt like it, and a few other infractions that went against club rules.
It appeared as though the owner of Noble House had finally reached his limit on her bratty behavior. Boyce knew Kochran well enough to recognize this scene was just the first of many Kochran planned to subject the little bundle of energy to.
Boyce traced the flush of red across her torso, following it down until he reached the small triangle of carefully groomed pubic hair. “Eyes on me, sprite.”
She giggled at the nickname he’d branded her with when she’d introduced herself earlier in the evening, before the cameras had been turned on. When they’d discussed limits. Punishment was punishment. However, it didn’t preclude absolute no-nos.
And Asha didn’t have many.
Boyce locked his gaze on hers as he scissored his fingers and spread her pussy lips. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Saint performing a safety check to make sure all the mechanical parts were in working order.
“Open your legs wider for me.”
She bit her lip as she complied. So accommodating. She knew she’d fucked up and was willing to accept whatever was thrown at her. If Boyce had to guess, he’d bet she’d done it on purpose just to gain attention. Wouldn’t be the first time a submissive intentionally misbehaved.
Certainly was going to get her wish now.
Boyce pressed a gentle kiss to her knee. Legs still weren’t wide enough to give the optimum view for the cameras once things really got going. He could order her again, but everyone was expecting a show. And he intended to give them one. Boyce hooked a second ring on a metal circle above her ankle, closing each of them with a snap, and made a few adjustments. Now her legs were spread wide, her ankles high in the air and secured by clips with panic snaps.
Safety first.
Boyce reached into his pocket. As he drew out a handful of clips, the sprite whimpered. “Courtesy of Kochran.” He plucked two of the metal items from the pile before tossing the rest toward Saint. “Since she’s on restriction, we should educate her accordingly.”
“Works for me.” Saint jiggled the clips, deep in thought.
Boyce returned to the head of the table to give Saint some time to formulate a plan on where he wanted to take the scene, as Saint was the lead this time around. Boyce would co-Dom for the night, picking up any slack where guidance was needed.
Which suited Boyce just fine. They’d been together long enough that most of the time, once they both dropped into the zone, Boyce could read even the smallest nuance and anticipate Saint’s every move. They worked well together, which was probably the reason Kochran had enlisted their assistance.
“Please don’t clamp me. Please. It will hurt.” Asha’s hair fanned out against the deep purple covering on the bondage table as she shook her head. Panic had drawn her slender eyebrows together and dilated her pupils.
Boyce loved seeing this kind of reaction. Loved watching a submissive struggle and beg. It meant he was doing his duty as a Dom. Fear—even controlled fear—was an excellent aphrodisiac.
“That’s the general idea of punishment, sprite.”
While she continued to whimper softly, Boyce turned his focus to her chest. She needed a distraction of some kind while Saint continued prepping. Leaning closer, Boyce ringed one of her nipples, enjoying the way the pink bud hardened under his tongue. A gentle squeeze had her arching off the table.
Yeah. The little sprite enjoyed pain way more than she let on. Not that Boyce doubted Kochran’s word. The owner always knew exactly what was going on at any time in his club. Like he instinctively recognized each of his members’ wants and desires.
Freakishly so sometimes.
As Boyce continued circling, teasing and nipping, a fine sheen of sweat coated Asha’s tanned skin. When he tightened the clamp around one of her erect nipples, her eyes glazed over, her mind taking her to a place where pain and pleasure were almost indistinguishable.
Too bad he’d given Saint the extra clips. Her dusky nipples looked pretty clamped, the tips of the metal fasteners trembling as he tied a thin string around an open loop on one end and secured them to the clips at her wrists. Though he admired the way her breathing tugged and pulled on the string, he thought about an artful circular pattern ringing her entire breast. Giving her that pain she claimed not to care for.
Too late. Saint had beaten him to the punch in a similar industrious fashion by taking the handful of clips and lining them in a neat vertical row, pinching her pussy lips together. Effectively locking her in chastity. Saint pulled her ass to the edge of the table and positioned her so he could use the entrance he hadn’t blocked.
“Just being resourceful.” Saint retrieved a tube from his bag and slicked her with lubricant.
Boyce didn’t distract her this time, but watched her body and mannerisms with a keen eye as Saint brushed the dildo against her anus. Her breathing was steady, if a bit ragged. Her color had brightened as her arousal level grew. She kept licking her lips, as though she was preparing to say something, but each time, Saint would dip the toy into her opening.
The man was no fool. He was keyed in enough on her, on the scene, that he didn’t even need to hear verbal protests to know when to push her. Saint’s method of solving her problems was going to be barreling over her defenses to wiggle his way under her skin.
Boyce had seen it often, experienced it firsthand even more. And loved it each and every time, whether he was on the receiving end or not. His pride, and love, for Saint swelled, even though he didn’t think it possible. The man continued to surprise him each day they were together.
As Saint slid the dildo in and out a few times, Asha unleashed a long, low wail followed by an inventive string of curses. There was the mouthy submissive they’d been tasked to discipline.
Boyce bit his lip to keep from grinning. She had a flair for the melodramatic, no doubt about that. Some Doms got off on that behavior. Some didn’t. Asha needed to learn there was a time and a place.
Boyce caught the ball gag Saint tossed him. “Muffle her.